Burning questions?

We have answers.

Are your bath blasters (bath bombs) safe?

Absolutely! We use the highest quality, skin-friendly ingredients to ensure a primo bathing experience- every damn time.

Where are your bath blasters (bath bombs) made?

All of our bath blasters are made right here in the great U S of A… More specifically, in The Woodlands, Texas.

Why should I use a bath blaster (bath bomb)?

Why the hell not!? You’re kicking life’s ass one day at a time, AKA you deserve it. By using our products you’re also helping save the only planet we have. We use biodegradable compostable shrink film, recycled cardboard boxes, biodegradable packing peanuts, biodegradable eco-glitters, and only sustainably and responsibly sourced plant based ingredients. Need we say more? Ok, fine, we will! A nice long soak in the tub is just as cleansing as a shower and 142% more relaxing and recharging. If all of these things aren’t enough to convince you we think you should know that soaking in the bath reduces stress which also reduces cortisol levels (high cortisol contributes to weight gain) and your overall risk for developing more serious diseases attributed to chronic stress! A nice lil soaky soak is also sure to make your skin softer and more wonderful!